Kelli Rose Pearson, MSc. 

Imaginative leadership, destination unknown – an expedition to unfamiliar territories and cultural mindscapes of the imagination. A search for regenerative metaphors, mental models, and narratives in support of planetary restoration and the well-being of future generations. An experiment. 

I am part of the SUSPLACE Marie Curie Innovation Network focused on the topic of sustainable placeshaping and leadership. My research is motivated by the questions: How can art and creative practices support and open new spaces of possibility in the social imaginary and in practices of placeshaping? How can the arts introduce innovative ways of working and convene people in generative constellations of collaboration? What types of mindsets and cultural narratives support our collective capacity for social ecological transformation?

Currently based out of the Rural Sociology department at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, I received my MSc in environmental governance from the University of Freiburg in Germany, and my BA in liberal arts and comparative religion at Carleton College in the US. My professional background includes nearly a decade as the owner of a fair-trade cafe and community arts venue in Savannah, Georgia and another working as a sustainability expert and facilitator of collaborative strategy in regional economic development, globally.